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"Tom Grabot did an outstanding job putting together a weekly menu of delicious and healthy meals for my Family. The meals tasted great and saved us a great deal of time. I would highly recommend Tri-Chef to Go!!!"
- Kevin Keyes

"I have had the good fortune of eating Tom's culinary delights for a number of years. He has catered a number of parties for my triathlon team and he comes up with one delicious and healthy recipe after another. My favorites are his shrimp kabobs and his grilled salmon."
- Amy Sanborn, six-time IronMan finisher, coach, personal trainer, owner Skinny Jeans Fitness and CEO of Amy's Playgroup, a multisport team

“Great services at a very reasonable prices. Tom will customize the menu and services to exactly what you need. We look forward to utilizing him whenever we can and highly recommend him to others.”
- William K.

“I have been in attendance at numerous functions in which Tom prepared various appetizers to dinners. The outcome of his food items have left everyone extremely pleased with the flavors and certainly wanting for more.”
- Craig D.

“Tom is an oustanding personal chef that will work with you to plan and create a meal that you will be sure to enjoy at home with a small intimate group or with a large party.

I first experienced Tom's fantastic culinary talent at a party for our triathalon group. There were roughly 50 people and most were tightly gathered in the kitchen. It was no surprise with the numerous dishes Tom had prepared in a buffet style for the occasion. From salmon and pork entrees to salads and deserts, all were oustandingly tasteful. Tom is a friend and fellow triathlete and I had no idea of his talent with cooking until that day.

Since then I hired Tom to prepare a meal for my family. With adult children that are long gone from the nest, I enticed them to visit with an invitation to share a nice dinner at home. With my busy schedule I wondered what I would make and how I would get it done. Then I remembered Tom. At one of our recent parties, Tom had brought "Mannilada". That is what weI had to have.

Tom came over and worked with me on planning a meal. We had traditional Manicotti (Italian) as well as the altered Mexican version (Mannilada - Manicotti & Enchilada). Both dishes were outstanding. Tom knows how to mix just the right ingredients and seasonings to make a very delectable dish. It was a great alternative to dining out. We were able to be enjoy our company around a meal that was restaurant style in our own home.

Tom topped off his presenation bringing flowers and chocolate for us personally from himself. That was a nice touch.

I suggest you try Tom the "Tri-Chef to Go" at least once to experience the treat of having a personal chef prepare a meal for you in your own home. He brings everything and does all the clean up. All you do is sit back and enjoy!!!”
- Wendy V.

“I've attended many parties that Tom has catered/cooked for and I have to say the food was fabulous! He is very good at what he does and is very professional.
He pays attention to detail and strives to meet the needs of his clients.
Please consider hiring Tom for your next event!"
- Melissa N.

“Spectacular! Tom's food creations range from everyday to unique with a strong emphasis on healthy. Even as I'm writting this little testimonial, I'm getting hungary just thinking about my next opportunity to dine with Tom.”
- Dirk Racine, CPA, CTP

“Tom has catered at functions I have attended and his culinary skills are excellent. He is an amazing chef and extremely creative. Absolutely delicious food!”
- Sheila P.

“I would recommend Tom Grabot to anyone looking to have amazingly tasty food without the junk. Tom has mastered creating delicious meals that are actually good for you, this is not an easy feat. With all the processed junk food out there we are drown to, Tom has found a way to make you WANT to eat healthy. Have him over to show you some of his tricks, you won't be disappointed!”
- Joe M.