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Meet the Chef

Tom Grabot is a UW Madison graduate with a B.S. in Education. He has spent 22 years as a financial advisor until his passion for health, fitness and cooking took over. Tom is also a five-time WI Ironman triathlon finisher and a two-time WI mixed doubles racquetball state champion.

When asked why he became a chef, he says:

Tom GrabotWhen I was a little boy, my mom wanted me to help her make cakes. The way she would convince me would be to say that if I helped her, I could lick the frosting off of the beaters, and I've been hooked ever since. A few years after that, I was promoted to popcorn. I always helped during Christmas-time making cookies and candy, just so I could eat them. I moved away to college, and my mom gave me a few recipes, so I started experimenting with cooking. My brothers and I always cooked, so I never thought that guys don't cook. It wasn't until I got married and bought a house, that I really started cooking when we would host dinner parties and barbeques, and I started getting cookbooks for gifts from my brothers. I started buying more cookbooks for myself, and my love for cooking just kept growing and growing.

After I had been in the financial service industry for 22 years, I wanted something new, and after a few health scares with family members, I decided that getting healthy - in career, exercise, and food - was my new passion. I joined a triathlon group, and through cooking for group events, cooking became my full-time passion. I became a member of the U.S. Personal Chef Association and am now looking forward to bringing my healthy, delicious recipes to you and your family.