Tri-Chef To Go

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Welcome to Tri-Chef To Go

Tri-Chef To Go provides a unique, healthy and affordable meal service in the comfort of your home. Our healthy cuisine is ideal for busy families, professionals, athletes and seniors.

  • Personalize. We take time to learn your needs and preferences to create healthy and delicious meals personalized to your tastes.
  • Shopping for you. We purchase the freshest and highest-quality ingredients for your meals.
  • Meal prep. We handle everything needed to prepare the meals for you.
  • Storage & Clean up. We package and store your meals in your refrigerator or freezer.

Bon Appétit! Simply heat up one of your many prepared meals and enjoy the added free time and the fruits of Tri-Chef To Go.

Additional Services:

  • dinner parties
  • training camps for athletes (triathletes, cyclists, etc.)
  • anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and holidays
  • in-home cooking classes
  • gift certificates